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After using Fedora for 3 months now, I think I'm converted. I really appreciate the firewall settings, the ease of finding packages and the default start up settings.

Firewall settings

Initially frustrating, I've come to appreciate the default default firewall settings, basically everything is off by default, and installing services doesn't automatically open them up. This isn't something you couldn't do with Ubuntu, or any other linux distro, the tyranny of the default is real. Especially with me, I don't like to spend a lot of time on config. Now I've got profiles set up for the different wifi sources I connection. Its nice knowing that my ssh port isn't open to every wifi I connect to.

Default Startup Settings.

Basically I like not having every daemon I have installed to be running every time I boot up. Even if it doesn't use up a lot of resources, I really just don't like the clutter. By default Ubuntu enables start on boot. this is fine for servers, and for convenience, but I appreciate default off for my laptop.