Home Arch Linux Is awesome (even when not using Arch)

Arch Linux Is awesome (even when not using Arch)

High Five Arch! That is a dope ass wiki and community.

I dabbled in Arch Linux for a month or so. Definitely a learning experience. Installing the os from what seemed like scratch was a learning experience ( I know a lot more than I wanted to).

However the best thing about Arch was the community and the documentation. For those that haven't had the pleasure. Arch has an awesome wiki. There are articles on how to install just about everything: from RVM to Starcraft 2. Obviously this information is focused on Arch, but often the detail is fine grained and useful on other distributions.

It isn't the first place I go to figure out how to find out how to configure this or that service on an Ubuntu server, but if at first I don't succeed I'll search again on the Arch wiki.