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Getting the Hang of Go

I'm starting to really enjoy writing go. I've been working on a command line app that I'll "release soon" (it's already free(dom) but I'll write something up about it), and I'm starting to get familiar with the basics of writing a non trivial application. I haven't had the opportunity to explore the parts of go that make it really awesome (concurrency in particular), but I already see some advantages.

The process of updating and install the source and binary across all the machines I've been using has been very easy. No need to write a gem file or any similar package. It's all built into the go command.

Now that I'm familiar with the typing system I can make changes to improve the program and with confidence expect the complier not to yell at me.

In short, go is fun so far, easy to create command line applications, even light weight ones. I'm definitely going to find more ways to use it.