redirecting blogspot posts to Jekyll

After exporting my blogger site and importing, everything was looking great, except one thing. The old site was still getting some (read, very little) traffic. And I wanted to redirect that to my new site. My solution works for humans, not so well for crawlers (that don’t run js). It requires a JS redirect on the blogger site, and a permalink set on the jekyll site.

Redirect (on Blogger)

In the template of the blogger site I inserted the following code into the <head>.

<script type='text/javascript'>
  var path = "<data:blog.url/>";
  path = path.split("")[1] || "";
  location.href = ""+path; // replce with your blogs name
<meta content='5; url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

This will redirect javascript running browsers immediately, and non js browsers to the home page after 5 seconds.

The redirection works, mostly. The names of the files don’t quite match of if a permalink isn’t set. Thankfully for me they were pretty close. # want
# vs # redirected to

Not too far, but not good enough. I can add a permalink to the front matter of each post, but there are like 60 so I don’t want to do that manually. So I broke out my trust irb REPL and got to work. This turned out the be pretty easy, Chiefly because the content I needed to add easily easy from the contents of the file, and the files I need to adjust had a distinct suffix from the newer post that were written on Jekyll. Below is the quick script I banged out.:

# run in the _posts folder
Dir.glob("*.html").each do |file|
	content =
	# add line to the front matter, using the original blogspot url
	content.gsub!(/^blogger_orig_url: http:\/\/c0d3it\.blogspot\.com([^\n]+)\n/,
		"blogger_orig_url: blogger_orig_url\\1\npermalink: \\1\n")
	File.write(file, content)

And that’s it. Now my old posts redirect to their equivalent on the new blog.