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I started working on a game about a week ago. I’ve been wanting to make some kind of game after playing Infinity Loop the last couple weeks. My wife has been working at a butterfly exhibit for a while, and has been pretty excited. So I wanted to make something about butterflies to get her excited about it. I decided to make the game a kind of infinite runner because it’s a relatively simple game type. This is good for me for a few reasons. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to building a game. I usually want to move on from a side project after a few weeks. And (more cynically) it provides a natural place to show ads (no images), that doesn’t interrupt the game. And I am hoping to get a little scratch from this game, without annoying too many people.

The code is (and will be) available on github…. because, whatever, I’d rather fill up my github activity profile.

I chose unity because think it is the best tool for my situation. There aren’t any revenue requirements (compared to Unreal), and I’m relatively familiar, so it saves me time and money. I did try to find a good C++ mobile solution, since I’m searching out cross-platform mobile c++ tools for the future, but these would cost me time, and I want to get this game out.

I’m currently tweaking the game and am hoping to release it on android and the web in a couple weeks.